A bit about Doug

In 2017, Olympian/Seattleite Doug Montgomery returned to Powell after what he calls a 13-year vacation to Poland.

During his 13yrs of teaching English as a second language he started several small businesses and began to organize special fundraising events for families with special needs. It became a necessity for Doug to learn to his way around the internet and how to represent his businesses and events online.

Landing in Powell

Coming to Powell was by way of his best friend from HS who told him, “Don’t go back to Seattle, it’s turned to hell. Come to Powell, the area can use some tech experience.” So he came.

In 2018 Doug started Wyohost. An affordable online development agency and hosting company to help small businesses in the local area.

Find a need and service that need, only then will you have success. Any other way of doing business is self-centered.” – Doug Montgomery