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Just Say the Word, We Can Do it all!

About Doug

In 2017, Olympian/Seattleite Doug Montgomery returned to Powell after what he calls a 13-year vacation to Poland.

During his 13yrs of teaching ESL he started several small businesses and organized special fundraising events for families with special needs, it became a necessity for Doug to learn to his way around the internet and how to represent his businesses and events.

Wyohost is the culmination of 15yrs of learning website development, Facebook marketing, Social Media and literally 10’s of 1000’s of hours on YouTube.

Landing in Powell

Coming to Powell was by way of his best friend from HS who told him, “Don’t go back to Seattle, it’s turned to hell. Come to Powell, the area can use your experience.” So he came.

In 2017 he arrived, took a year and “played” organizing the 1st annual Last Splash of Summer, a Powell Kids Day event coming up on it’s 4th year. 

At the end of 2018 he started Wyohost. An affordable website development and hosting company to help small businesses in the local area.


Never before has it been harder to get people through your door and coming back into your business.

Find a Need, Service the Need

The goal has always been to find the need and service that need. To go into a business with an attempt to help them solve their problems. Go into that business, find their need and try to help fulfill their need. 


However there is one common need amongst businesses today, they need people coming through the door.

The 80/20 Rule

Never before has it been harder to get people through your door and coming back into your business. We all understand the 80/20 rule, 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients. And now more than ever, you’re dependent on those 20%. And they are dependent on you.

Since COVID-19 things have changed

Focus has changed

While it is important to have a nice website presenting your business, it’s more important to have a solid relationship and be able to directly communicate with your most important clients and customers.

Don’t misunderstand, we still maintain and support and manage website needs. They play a key role in communications and the whole scheme of things.

Never before has it been easier to connect with them directly, from your phone.

Text Message Marketing Solutions

With our extremely simple to use “Text Message Marketing” service, your customers can voluntarily opt-in to your “VIP Customer Text Club”. 

Four or five times a month (or whenever you choose whether scheduled or on demand), our system sends out a brief text message to invite your loyal opt-in customer back to your business.

For example, a text message for a restaurant might be “Its National Sandwich Day at ‘Business Name’. As a VIP member, come in and enjoy a free side order with any sandwich order. Offer ends today at 9 pm”.

New Focus

Text Message Connection!

You can’t rely on Facebook or Instagram and Twitter to manage your customer connection.

It is extremely important to build your OWN list of your best customers.

You need to create something You Own, and not some third party.

And 98% of people who sign up, will read your message.