Remote Tech Support

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need a quick hand with something. That's what we're here for.


99% of all situations can be handled with a simple screen share.

Remote Assistance and Training via Screen Sharing

WHEREBY.COM/WYOHOST is a service we’ve used since it’s inception years ago. It is a direct connect via chat room that allows us to see each other, talk and chat. It also allows us to share out screens with one another.

The beauty of the tool is that there is nothing to download.

  1. Simply visit
  2. When prompted for permissions for your camera and microphone allow at least your mic so we can talk. Your camera isn’t needed but it does make it more pleasant :).
  3. You will be notified you are joining a video chat.
  4. Enter the chat room.

When you want to end the support session simply close the tab and leave the room.


This tool in no way allows permission to access your computer. It is our tech support chat room that simply allows us to share screens for teaching and training purposes.

Windows 10 Remote Support
No Download Via Quick Assist

Windows 10 remote support is a built in Windows 10  support solution. Remote support allows our techs to be able to connect and assist you and remotely manage your PC. The video will quickly explain the process.