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Over 275 million people in the US currently use smart-phones, and that number is growing rapidly. By reaching customers where they are, on their phones, restaurants, as well as pizzerias and dessert and coffee places can increase attract new business, increase retention and boost ticket averages.

Restaurant text messaging solutions are allowing businesses to bring promotions and offers right to their most loyal customers pockets.

Why Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

Consumers are actively avoiding eating out due to coronavirus. In fact, a recent article on, National Restaurant News, says 27% of Americans are nervous or worried to go out.

 How do you keep those customers coming back?

The key is to keep them informed and updated using the most effective marketing tools such as text message marketing for restaurants.

Let’s work together to create mobile text message campaigns offering exclusive coupons tailored to your customers to keep your restaurant in their view.

Benefits of Restaurant Messaging

The goal of any business is to drum up interest and bring customers in the door, and restaurants are no exception. What are some benefits of using restaurant text messaging to do this?

Your customers are texting – In fact, Over 6 billion texts are sent every day. Conversations are happening and they’re happening via text. By sending messages for your business, you become a part of the conversation.

Instant contact – According to Tango, 90% of messages are estimated to be read within 3 minutes. Newspaper and a coupon mailer may have reached one community eventually. With emerging technology, restaurant text coupons are sent instantly to your most loyal customers.

It’s a Personal Connection – Family and friends communicate through SMS, what better ranks to join. Now with a simply message your most loyal customers can connect with your as well. These 

Your Customers Want It –  64% of customers say they’d prefer to use mobile messaging and 71% of consumers — say using text messaging to communicate with a business was effective

Easy to use – SMS messages are designed not only for your consumers., they are designed for you as well. Using them for your restaurant couldn’t be easier. With a simple tap of your Personal, Local pre-programmed number and proven campaign suggestions, getting starting is a snap.

Budget friendly – Traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper or radio are not very cost effective. However, to be able to customize an Individual message to your most loyal customers for only pennies per message, That’s Powerful!

Mobile – For coupon campaigns mobile is vital and key to their success.  Traditional newspaper cutouts and postal mailers, these types of coupons are easy to misplace and never get used. People however, have their mobile phones with them all the time. People actively use their cell phones over 5 hours a day. Customers who receive coupons and promotions via SMS are more likely to keep and use the coupon at your restaurant.

Using SMS Marketing for Restaurants, Pizzerias, Cafe's and Coffee Shops

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