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SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Boost your slow days, reward loyalty and get your customers to come back more often with your very own SMS VIP club.

Reach your audience when they’re hungry and thinking about what they want to eat for lunch or tea. Remind people to order from your restaurant, reward your best customers on special occasions, and encourage new visits every month.

SMS Marketing for Beauty Salons

Strengthen relationships with your regular clientele, inform them about last minute availability and promote product discounts.

People love to look their best and your clients want to be rewarded for their loyalty.

SMS Marketing for Gyms

Engage your current members with class timetables and reward customer loyalty with promos and incentives to avoid drop-outs.

Use SMS marketing to promote seasonal offers, encourage one on one training, run contests and more. If you don’t make an effort to engage your members or take them for granted, you could easily lose them to the competition.

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SMS Marketing for Chamber of Commerce

Reach your members instantly with a Chamber alerts list, keeping them informed of latest news and upcoming events.

Add value to your Chamber by building a direct to consumer alerts list, helping your members reach a wider audience, while keeping them updated on upcoming events, urgent news or new trainings.

Discounts Available to Networking Organizations and their members

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Text Marketing for Food Trucks

Let em’ Know When You’re Coming!

The #1 question a food truck gets from it’s #1 Fans is this…
“How can I find out when you’re coming back?”
Via our New VIP Text Message List!
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Our clients are having great success with our simple-to-use SMS Text Marketing System.

Customers are returning again and again. Why? Because our clients are putting their offer directly in front of their customers – on demand or scheduled – thus bringing the offer (and the client’s business) directly to the customer’s top of mind. 

With a 99+% open rate of text messages usually within 90 seconds, it’s not hard to see why. Your opt-in customers really do want to hear from you, and when they do, they come in and buy. It’s that simple. Build an opt-in list and never have a slow period again.

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