WordPress Care Done Right!

Here at Wyohost we take website updates, security and redundancy very seriously. If you have a WordPress site and you just aren't sure if you're secure, give us a call. We'll walk you through it.

Simply put, your website is an investment and the internet is a living, breathing ugly beast.

Innovative Support makes "Growing" A Website simple.

Not necessarily. If your website is built in HTML/CSS then no. You will need secure hosting which we gladly offer, SSL included.

If your site is built on WordPress or any other CMS platform, then the answer is yes. You either need one of ours or one of your own. We can provide you with a WordPress Maintenance manual upon request.

Wordpres is a not just a blogging platform, it is a jig saw puzzle of pieces used to create a beautiful business asset. You can literally create anything you want, make it do anything you want and is very powerful.

It starts out simple and as you ‘create’ you add more and more functionality created by different developers. Those ‘add-ons’ get updated…regularly. If they aren’t updated, they become vulnerable.

The internet is a living breathing creature and security and protection from hacking is crucial.

That’s part 1 of a care plan.

Depending on how complex of a site you have, those plugin updates can conflict with one another, and when they do, that’s part 2. You don’t want your site going down.

As technology develops and advances there are certain things you need to do to keep your website secure, up to date and optimized. Read our blog post on the reasoning. 

In un-metered Shared Hosting, ie cheap name-brand hosting, you are sharing the resources of a server with multiple users. These hosts cram as many sites as possible onto 1 server which eats up resources and creates a massive source for potential vulnerabilities. We control those limits right here at Wyohost. You’ll Never Be Crammed onto an over-loaded server.

Security: Regular website maintenance helps ensure the security of your website and protects it from potential threats such as hackers, malware, and data breaches. By keeping your website’s software, plugins, and scripts updated, you can patch any vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Care Plans for your investment

Perfect for getting started

Great for small to medium businesses

Businesses taking the world by storm.

We do offer a very basic updates and backups only package for smaller WordPress sites. Consisting of weekly theme and plugin updates and monthly backups only. Should something break during updates there will be an hourly charge to fix it and or a restore from backup charge. This is only available for very simple sites. Ask us.